Are harnesses safe? For small dogs, harnesses can be better for their delicate little necks than a collar. Using a harness, the pressure is more evenly distributed between the chest and the neck and this can alleviate potential choking. At Frannie's, we have come up with a design that is sized to stay on your small dog securely once fastened. The larger the harness, the tougher the velcro is (1" wide on XXS; 1.5" wide on XS-Med; 2" wide on Large and XL). The metal d-ring we've selected has a breaking strength of 600+ lbs and the stitching is double threaded and reinforced around it. The original nylon d-ring used has a breaking strength of 200+ lbs.


Even small dogs tug. Owners must use their common sense and judgment to determine whether a harness is right for their dog. Frannie's harnesses are stylish but can also be a useful accessory for walking your dog. Please monitor your dog with care: use the d-ring if your dog has been fit properly for the harness and tugging isn't an issue. It is possible to use the d-ring part of the time or never. Your dog can still look stylish in a Frannie's harness and wear a collar. Frances wears her collar in addition to a harness so we don't forget her tags. Depending on the situation, we decide where to attach her leash.


For the safest and most comfortable fit, the flaps around the neck should have the maximum amount of velcro sealed and your finger should still be able to fit inside the area (between neck and harness) once it is on your dog so it is not too tight. The neck and the chest flaps are adjustable but think of the neck flaps as a collar - you want this area to be securely fastened. The chest flaps should be sealed as much as possible too with some room for chest expansion for your dog to run, play and breath deeply. For your dog's comfort, it is extremely important to allow room for breathing and movement in both the neck and the chest.


Frannie's harnesses and coats can be washed in cold water by hand or in the gentle-cycle and then line dried. Seal the velcro before putting your garment in the washing machine so that the velcro doesn't snag anything else. Most dogs love dirt and mud. Therefore, if you love your harness and want it to last, consider removing it from your dog if you think your dog is planning to spend some time in the dirt. Frances has play harnesses and special occasion harnesses so she can get dirty and still look nice for her parties and work.

Some eyelet harnesses come with a "pre-wash" advisory (in the form of a sticker advising you to pre-wash the item). This is a precaution against exposure to moisture (grass, rain, ocean water) prior to the first wash. If your dog will be dry while wearing this item, it is not as critical, but the first thorough wash will fasten the dye. We do not plan to need to give this advisory in the future. If you have any problems with your eyelet harnesses, we guarantee customer satisfaction, so just let us know and we'll take care of it.

In cases where we used a "Dry clean for best results" care label, feel free to wash your harness or coat in cold water, by hand or in the gentle-cycle and line dry only.


Can a dog have too many harnesses? No, buy one for every day and enjoy your Frannie's! Thank you for stopping by.